Titles City of Triangles
Nation Osirion

Source: Osirion, Land of Pharaohs, pg(s). 3

An is the first of Sothis' trio of southern sister cities. It was founded in -107 AR by Pharaoh Hirkoshek I as a worker city housing the laborers and artisans working to construct his pyramid.[1]

The City of Triangles is so-called for the distant Mount Na-Ken and surrounding peaks as well as the pyramids visible on the southern horizon. Aside from the pyramid of Hirkoshek I, the region also holds the pyramids of Hirkoshek II, Zahur I, and Kamaria the Brazen.[1] Kamaria's tomb, although long plundered, continues to attract followers of the cult of Rovagug.


Cities of Osirion

AnEtoIpeqShiman-SekhSothisTar KuataTotraWati

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