Aliases The Harlot Queen
Race/Species Human (lich)
Gender female
Homeland Geb

Titles the Red Crusader
Alignment unknown (presumably good)

The warrior-goddess Arazni was the herald of Aroden, and the patron saint of the Knights of Ozem of Lastwall until she was slain during the Shining Crusade by Tar-Baphon in 3823 AR.[1][2] Her body was interred by the Knights of Ozem in Lastwall until it was stolen in 3890 AR by the ghost-king Geb and taken back to his nation. There he made her into his Harlot Queen, reanimating her corpse as a debased lich.[2] She has since ruled Geb from the Cinerarium in the center of Mechitar.[3]

It was the death of the goddess Arazni by the hands of a mere mortal (albeit a powerful one) that caused the gods to come together and create Achaekek, the mantis god. He was meant to protect all godkind from any similar future threats.[4]


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