Arclords of Nex

The Arclords of Nex are one of the factions that have been fighting for control of the nation of Nex since the disappearance of the archmage Nex in 576 AR. They are one of the factions that consider that the current unofficial peace with the neighbouring nation of Geb would displease the archmage.

One of their more esoteric abilities (since copied by others in Nex) is the power to open a third eye on the forehead, granting increased perception of the magical world.[1]

At one time, several centuries after the archmage's disappearance, the Arclords managed to gain control of the country. This did not end happily, and the Arclords were eventually exiled, settling on the isle of Jalmeray. They were driven out of Jalmeray by rajas of Vudra in 2822 AR.[2]

References Edit

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