Nation Andoran
Size Metropolis
Population 54,200
Demographics 70% human, 12% halfling, 8% dwarf, 4% elf, 4% gnome, 2% other
Government Democratic
Alignment Neutral good
Leader Mayor Radas Menadian

Source: Andoran, Spirit of Liberty, pg(s). 17

Augustana is a port city on the shore of the nation of Andoran. It's the second-largest settlement in the nation, and boasts one of the largest ports and shipyards of the Inner Sea.[1]

History Edit

Augustana was founded in 1707 AR by General Khastalus of Corentyn, as part of his campaign against the native barbarian tribes of the Arthfell Forest.[1][2]

Geography Edit

Augustana is located in southern Andoran, one the coast south of what remains of the Arthfell Forest.[1]

Government Edit

Military Edit

In addition to building most of the ships serving in Andoran's navy, Augustana houses the vast majority of the nation's naval might; Arsenal Island houses much of the nation's naval firepower, the approach to which is guarded by Fort Constance, a stone fortification under the command of Andoran's Consul Admiral.[1][3]

Economy Edit

The shipyards of Augustana produce the majority of vessels in Andoran's navy, as well as ships built for civilian clients. Additionally, the city's numerous docks see regular traffic from foreign traders.[1][3]

Augustana saw the establishment of the first bank of the nation of Andoran, the Forester’s Endowerments, and though it is no longer headquartered within the city, banking remains prevalent within Augustana; the city is currently home to the main branch of the bank run by House Vaylen, a series of catacombs known as the Depthless Vaults.[1][4]