Aya Allahe
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Aasimar
Class Aristocrat 2 / Rogue 6
Gender Female
Homeland Mwangi Expanse
Organization Sharrowsmith's Exports

Source: Heart of the Jungle, pg(s). 39

The aasimar Aya Allahe is one of the most influential merchants of the city of Nantambu in the Mwangi Expanse. She styles herself as the Dealer in Dreams both Tangible and Ephemeral.[1]

She helped to set up Sharrowsmith's Exports, a local trading company which is actually a front for the Nantambu Pathfinder lodge. She sees the arrangement as a means for both giving her a trade link to the wider world outside the Expanse, and also helping to prevent exploitation of the region by foreign merchants such as the notorious Aspis Consortium. Of course, the fact that her role serves to enrich both herself and her city is also a consideration.[2]


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