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An azure lily’s pollen is rather toxic, with a single lily producing enough pollen in its short life to swiftly paralyze most creatures. A character that picks one of the flowers or brushes against it causes its load of poisonous pollen to burst in a 5-foot cloud that persists for 1 minute before dispersing. It’s possible to harvest the toxic pollen from these lilies with a successful DC 30 Survival check and 10 minutes of stressful work (failure causes the lily to burst), but once taken from the plant, the raw pollen becomes inert after a week unless crafted into refined poison with a DC 15 Craft (alchemy) check.

A successfully harvested dose of azure lily poison is worth 1,500 gp.

Type poison (inhaled); Save Fortitude DC 15

Frequency 1/minute for 2 minutes

Effect nauseated for 1 minute/paralyzed for 2d4 hours;

Cure 1 save

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