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Nation Varisia
Region Korvosa
Size Village

Among ancient cliff-side structures (rumored to have once housed a long-extinct tribe of harpies) in caves along the shore of Lake Syrantula lies the town of Biston.[1] It was founded in 4574 AR by Jhenni Biston, who cleared the tunnels of their troglodyte inhabitants. The farmers and fishermen of Biston, while citizens of Korvosa, have long held a strong sense of independence and in 4658 Jhenni's grandson, Randas Biston, led a group of separatists in a revolt to cede the town from Korvosan control. The government responded in full force, sending half the Sable Company and an entire regiment of Korvosan Guards to maintain order.[2] All the rebels were executed in Korvosa, and martial law was maintained in Biston until 4690 AR when it was lifted by King Eodred II.[3]


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