Anson Caralya
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Anson Caralya is a humble freelance writer whose obsession with the epic rules put him in the book of records for the highest level adventure ever published in Dungeon with the 30th-level "Quicksilver Hourglass." He followed that up with "Requiem of the Shadow Serpent" a bit over a year later, a mid-level Forgotten Realms adventure that grew out of his somewhat less intense obsession with dead magic zones. In appreciation for the excellent job he did cleaning Dr. Pepper stains and Dorito crumbs off the Paizo carpets the last few years, Paizo gave him the opportunity to write a GameMastery module, which allowed him to wallow in his beyond-obsession interest in all things draconic. He is available for your adventure-writing and snack-food-shrapnel-removal needs at very reasonable rates.[1]

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