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Chatterer Swarm
Type Outsider
(Chaotic, Evil)
CR 8
Environment the Worldwound

Source: D3: The Demon Within, pg(s). 26-27

Chatterers are barely intelligent small frog like creatures that chatter incessantly to themselves. Though one is no threat merely an annoyance when they swarm in their hundreds they become a dangerous threat.


Individual chatterers are about the size of a human thumb. They look frogs except they are covered in scales and have mangy, bristly hair on their backs. Their constantly talking mouths are larger than a frogs and are filled with sharp teeth.[1]

Habitat and EcologyEdit

Chatterer swarms are primarily found in the Worldwound. While chatterers can normally found in the Abyss there they are kept as pets or consumed as snacks. As a result they try to escape the abyss by concealing themselves and sneaking onto the material plane. Only on the material plane do chatterers gather in numbers sufficient to be a threat. When swarms of chatterers attack they overrun the victim then begin gnawing into the hosts flesh, once their they control its thoughts.[1]


Once inside a host the chatterers can attempt to control their hosts action.
Flesh Burrow 
The chatterers can attempt to bore inside the flesh of their opponents.[1]


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