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Alignment Unknown
Portfolio Unknown
Worshipers Citizens of Kaer Maga

The Child-goddess is the object of veneration for the Cult of the Child-goddess located with the Ankar-Te district of the Varisian city of Kaer Maga. It is not known whether the Child-goddess is an actual deity, a hoax used to generate income for the cult, or something more innocuous. The Child-goddess or child-goddesses (the exact number is not known) dwell within the Palace of the Child-goddess, a flat-topped pyramid with a single, massive door. From here, metal, windowless palanquins are carried throughout the district by carriers. Each palanquin is a metal box six feet long and four feet high and carried by zombie servants or half-naked, oiled male slaves. Judging from their dress, the cult is believe to have originated in distant Vudra. Followers approach these processions and drop coins in the tithe-bags attached to the palanquins. In Kaer Maga — the only known place in the Inner Sea region where the cult is active — the faithful are led by the High Priestess Shamalay Kasan, a Vudrani woman who is also one of the most powerful figures in the district of Ankar-Te, if not the entire city.[1]

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