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Located in northern Katapesh the Crouching Jackal is a huge statue nearly seventy foot tall that appears to be of a jackal although the body looks more like that of a cat (or possibly an osirion sphinx) but the head has the up-right, pointed ear of a jackal, it also has a jackal's bushy tail. No one knows who built the Crouching Jackal or why though some rumours claim if a person sleeps in front of it then he will be transformed into a jackalwere. Other theories include the Crouching Jackal being an hollow, unopened treasure vault or a vast construct used in ancient wars as a terrifying weapon. Many also believe that it is a sister statue to the lizard like Creeping Watcher of the Vargas Swamp. Regardless of its original purpose the Crouching Jackal can be seen for miles around and is used as a convenient land mark by local travellers.[1]


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