Daughter of Urgathoa
Type Undead
CR 8
Environment Any

Source: Pathfinder 8: Seven Days to the Grave, pg(s). 82-83

A daughter of Urgathoa is an adopted child of the Pallid Princess, the goddess Urgathoa herself. Given new purpose at the moment of death, these undead creatures of warped flesh and bone continue to serve their new mother as they did in life.[1]

Appearance Edit

Though bearing some resemblance to the women they once were, it is impossible not to recognize daughters of Urgathoa for the monsters they have become. Their bodies are warped and twisted, and are both supported and propelled by a sinuous tentacle formed from bodily tissues and excretions. All daughters of Urgathoa possess a hand that has increased in both size and lethality to become an effective weapon for the undead creature.[1][2]

Abilities Edit

Daughters of Urgathoa possess formidable abilities, retaining a number of those they had in life in addition to those gained thanks to their transformation. These undead creatures can spread disease with a simple touch, and the blessings of the Pallid Princess follow wherever they go.[1][2]

Great Claw 
Every daughter of Urgathoa bears a hand that has grown to immense proportions. Often changing in shape as well as size, these appendages can be used to deliver devastating attacks and are imbued with the essence of Urgathoa's power.[2]

Ecology Edit

Considered the most desired position by the followers of the Pallid Princess, only the most devoted priestesses are transformed into daughters of Urgathoa upon their deaths. These undead creatures continue to serve their goddess, often leading cults of increasing size and strength as new followers flock together to follow one of Urgathoa's chosen.[1]

Known Daughters of Urgathoa Edit

None know the the true extent to which the adopted daughters of Urgathoa work to forward their goddesses' goals.[1]

Andaisin the Reaper 
A high priestess of Urgathoa, Lady Andaisin works to progress the goals of the Pallid Princess in the city of Korvosa.[1]
Endroma of Tolguth and Nisvyraka the Goreflay 
Together known as the Gluttons of Steeplespine, these two daughters of Urgathoa strive to discover and spread the secrets of their goddess, interpreting the words of their mother that are secured in her temple, in the city of Absalom.[1]
The Wight Mother of Isger 
Leading an undead cult for over a century, the creature that was once Illcayna Alonnor plagues the lands of Isger.[1]

References Edit

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