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(Prestige class)
Region Any, often Cheliax
Races Any
Classes clerics and mages
Progression 10 levels

Source: Princes of Darkness, pg(s). 44-45

Diabolists are a particular breed of spellcaster interested in the study of devils and Hell. They seek to gain control over infernal powers, but lose their eternal souls in the process.[1]

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Core Prestige Classes

Arcane ArcherArcane TricksterAssassinDragon DiscipleDuelistEldritch KnightLoremasterMystic TheurgePathfinder ChroniclerShadowdancer

APG Prestige Classes

Battle HeraldHoly VindicatorHorizon WalkerMaster ChymistMaster SpyNature WardenRage ProphetStalwart Defender

Setting Prestige Classes

Ashvawg TamerBalanced Scale of AbadarBrightness SeekerChevalierDaivratDemonic InitiateDiabolistGenie binderHarrowerHellknightInheritor's CrusaderJusticiarLiberatorLion BladeLiving monolithLow TemplarPain TasterPathfinder DelverPathfinder SavantRed Mantis AssassinShackles PirateSpherewalkerSteel FalconStudent of War

Unsupported Prestige Classes


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