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One of the districts of the city of Katapesh.

At the docks there are over a dozen, long, maze-like piers, each of them capable of holding numerous vessels. Warehouses, stores, and a few sizeable inns cater to the city's bustling sea trade. Huge crenellated towers flank the Docks. A 40 feet tall massive statue of a horned giant with a trident, rising from the shoreline, seems as if to ward away enemies coming from the sea.[1]

Notable places in the Docks district:[2]

  • Annexa Palanthea's Fishy Menagerie
  • Dockside Giant
  • Jexler & Young Salvage Company and Deep Sea Exploration and Retrieval
  • Trillia's Bathhouse
  • Jerikal's Ales


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