Region Shackles
Population 9,690
Ruler Master of the Gales

Source: Campaign Setting

Drenchport (population 9,690)[1] is a dour and storm-lashed settlement on the aptly named Tempest Cay. Its buildings are made from driftwood and the remains of wrecked ships. The town's location on the edge of the Eye of Abendego ensures a constant supply of building materials.

Its only feature of note is the Drowned Dwarf tavern, which is known equally for its cheap and delicious ale and its very high murder rate.

The ruler of Drenchport is the druid known as the Master of the Gales.

The city is the home of the gnome salvager Tho Rimplethember, who is well known as an expert on the currents and winds of the dangerous Eye of Abendego.[2]

References Edit

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