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Sleeping in the shadow of Droskar's Crag on the edge of Darkmoon Vale lies the now ruined monastery once known as Droskar's Crucible. At its prime, the monastery was home to dwarven clerics of the malevolent god Droskar, who urged them to ever toil in making weapons on their great forges. The evil forge spurned which came as a result of their worship eventually drove the dwarves out of their haven, and left behind a now-haunted shell of a building. After its fall to decadence and decay, legends began to spread among the dwarves telling of vast riches now lost beneath the crumbling citadel. The greatest dwarven hero, Druingar the Glintaxe, ventured into the depths below the once sacred site in search of this wealth, but he was never heard from again, and inhabitants of the Vale still talk of his ghost haunting the ancient ruins. In the dungeons beneath, the Truescale Kobolds now make their home, ever balanced between their desire to delve deeper into the earth and their fear of what frightening beings lie in wait for them there.[1]


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