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Duergar abduction
Type Humanoid
CR by class level
Environment any underground

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 117

The duergar are a race of evil dwarves who inhabit large underground cities in Nar-Voth.[1]


A duergar is relatively similar in appearance to a dwarf, except for the lack of hair on its scalp and its ashen-gray skin.[1]


While many of the dwarves left their ancestral homelands in Nar-Voth in the Quest for Sky, there were many dwarves that refused to leave their long-held homes. These dwarves faced constant harassment and attacks from the other encroaching races of the Darklands. Faced with utter destruction, Droskar offered them a chance for survival. They accepted his deal and then became the Duergar.[1]


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