Dyrianna of House Avenstar

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Dyrianna of House Avenstar
Titles Head Hetaera of Calistria
Consul of the Courtesan's Guild
Race/Species Half-elf
Gender Female
Homeland Absalom
Deity Calistria
Organization House Avenstar

Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 15-16

Dyrianna of House Avenstar, Head Hetaera of Calistria and Consul of the Courtesan's Guild[1], is the ranking sacred prostitute and manager of the Pleasure Salon of Calistria in the Ascendant Court district of Absalom.[2] Twenty years ago, a priest of the temple bought the beautiful half-elf out of slavery in a sin pit in the Coins. Since then, she was adopted into House Avenstar, gained control of the temple prostitutes and the entire temple of Calistria, and bought a controlling interest in the city's Courtesan's Guild, which regulates paid companions who are not stage performers nor streetwalkers.[2] Through the personnel of the salon, she controls an extensive spy network, which provides information she is discreetly willing to offer to the highest bidder.[2] Chelish, and increasingly Qadiraan, houses have long paid extensive contracts for her services.[2]


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