The Everwar began in 4305 AR as the Wars of Expansion at the command of King Haliad III of Cheliax. The purpose of this war was to spread Chelaxian control farther north into lands that came to include Nidal, Varisia, and the Hold of Belkzen. It persisted through the reign of five Chelish monarchs until ending in 4410 AR. During the war Cheliax gained control of Nidal in 4338 AR and established Korvosa within Varisia in 4407 AR.[1]

During the Everwar, an expeditionary force was sent from Cheliax into Northern Garund. A foothold was established in Northwestern Rahadoum in the province of Kharijite. To this day, the people in that region consider themselves more Chelish than Rahadoumi.[2]


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