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Gelatinous Cube
Type Ooze
CR 3
Environment Underground

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 138

The gelatinous cube is usually a large ooze that appears to be transparent and cube-shaped. The cubes have no visible organs or appendages. Cubes tend to hide and wait for prey to stumble into their embrace.[1]. The cubes were first created through a sorcerer's experiments.[2]


Gelatinous cubes do not collect treasure, but they tend to absorb it as they travel. Indigestible parts of victims may remain suspended in a cube for weeks until the cube expels them from its body. Coins, weapons, metallic armor, gems, jewelry, potions, and glass flasks are commonly found inside gelatinous cubes.[3]


There are many different types of cubes, including ebony cubes, electric jellies, frost cubes, sorcerer oozes, and stunjellies (the most commonly encountered variety.)[4]

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