Grachius Alazario
Titles Lord Mayor of Egorian
Race/Species Human
Homeland Egorian, Cheliax

Source: Cheliax, Empire of Devils, pg(s). 15

Lord Mayor Grachius Alazario is the crown-appointed mayor of the Chelish capital of Egorian. A lifelong appeaser and centrist, he is smart enough to have survived ten years in office by balancing the demands of the new, infernal nobility with the needs of the common populace. This is most clearly exemplified in his handling of the current architectural and stylistic overhaul of the capital. He placates the crown and the nobility by approving enough of their projects, while denying the most outrageous of them in order to pacify the common citizens.[1]

Most recently, the Mayor was caught up in a minor political conflagration involving his cousin Caradoc Alazario, a former Chelish Navy captain-turned-pirate. Caradoc has been plaguing Chelish waterways by praying on opulent merchant vessels, after having become disgusted by House Thrune's treatment of the general populace. As trade through Egorian had been particularly affected by the buccaneer's predations, Grachius fought back for his city the honor of his family name, and used his political connections to have the Imperial Chelish Navy hunt his cousin down.[2]


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