Type aberration
Environment underground

Source: Pathfinder 16: Endless Night, pg(s). 61

Humans are more fortunate than most in that most of their self-awareness is lost in their fleshwarping transformation. Once submerged, a human’s body changes into a white, formless mass. Legs disappear completely, and though arms still exist, they become rubbery and lack strength. Facial features smooth out—the nose sinks in, the cheeks widen and flatten, and the eyes become pale and seem to meld in with the surrounding skin. All body hair melts away, and what is left is a pale, sexless creature that resembles a slug in many ways, except that the new creature still retains some remnant of its head and arms.[1]


J.D. Wiker & Darrin Drader. (2008). Abominations of the Drow. Endless Night, p. 61. Paizo Publishing, LLC. ISBN 978-1-60125-129-9

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