Hal Maclean
Position 2008 RPG Superstar Top 16
Freelance contributor

Hal Maclean was among the top 16 designers in Paizo Publishing's 2008 RPG Superstar competition. Though he was not named the winner of the contest, he has nonetheless contributed to the Pathfinder line, beginning with Elves of Golarion in October 2008.

Pathfinder creditsEdit

Title Date Volume (Page)
Adventurer's Armory 1004April 2010 AA
Andoran, Spirit of Liberty 1001January 2010 ASoL
Bestiary 15"Bestiary" #15 0810October 2008 PF15 (80)
Bestiary 17"Bestiary" #17 0812December 2008 PF17 (80)
Elves of Golarion 0810October 2008 EoG
Faction Guide 1005May 2010 FG
Gnomes of Golarion 1005May 2010 GoG
NPC Guide 1003March 2010 NPC
See also: Category:Works by Hal Maclean

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