Her Majestrix's Expeditionary
Leader Paracount Julistar
Scope Local (Cheliax)

Her Majestrix's Expeditionary is a band of adventurers gathered together by Paracount Julistar to retrieve the lost treasures of Osirion in the name of House Thrune and the nation of Cheliax as a whole. In 4707 AR, the Expeditionary competed with another group of adventurers in search of the mythical tombs of the Four Pharaohs of Ascension. At the time, the members of the party were Paracount Julistar, Xaven Neversword, Scepter, Hrokon the Assailant, and Lonicera Moonthrush. The current status and whereabouts of the Expeditionary are unknown.[1]

References Edit

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