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Type Magical beast
CR 3
Environment Aquatic

Source: Tome of Horrors, pg(s). 165-166

A hippocampus is a horse built for the sea. Instead of hooves, they have fins at the end of their front legs. The hindquarters do not even have legs, instead ending in a fish tail. They can appear in a number of colors, ranging from dark green to bright white, many include shades of blue and/or silver. They are tamed for use as steeds, valued for their strength,speed and intelligence[1]. Their eggs and young are both valuable on the black market[2].

Hippocampi in GolarionEdit

The hippocampus is one of the two mascots of the city of Absalom[3]. This is because Absalom is the only land-based country with a sea cavalry, the Wave Riders. These knights ride hippocampi on scouting and hit and run missions on enemy ships.[4].

References Edit

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