Region Mwangi Expanse
Size Small city
Population 5,600
Demographics 5,000 humans (Lergeni), 600 lizardfolk slaves
Government Magical
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler High Star Seeker Leshar Rushton

Source: Heart of the Jungle, pg(s). 33-35

Jaha is a great crumbling city (population 5,600) in the northern part of the Mwangi Jungle in the Mwangi Expanse.

No roads lead to the city, but it is accessible by river and its white granite walls extend above the tree-line and are visible for miles.

It is said that the city was created in the ancient (pre-Earthfall) past by unknown builders of great height. Stairs are steep, and doorways are tall and narrow. The city is built upon three main terraces, and many smaller terraces. The buildings are weathered and crumbling, but ancient protective magic keeps them essentially sound.

It is currently ruled by a group of mad astrologer-remnants of the Lergeni, who arrived in the city as refugees after their homeland Lirgen was destroyed by storms and flooding caused by the Eye of Abendego. Jaha features heavily in Lirgen prophecy. The refugees defeated the city's primitive lizardfolk inhabitants, and set about reclaiming the ruins from the jungle. This process is still ongoing; much of the city remains covered in plant life and occupied by jungle creatures. There is also a warren of tunnels and tombs beneath the city, which the lizardfolk feared to enter. Some claim these are the last resting places of the city's original builders.

At the center of the city is a huge domed temple. The Lergeni have made this the focal point of their ongoing astrological activities. They do not welcome visitors, and those who have stayed in Jaha complain of poor nights' sleep and bizarre dreams of star-cracked space and sharp-edged spheres. Some say these dreams come directly from the city's ancient builders.

The Lergeni have recently started erecting dozens of enormous stones for some unknown purpose throughout the city. They may be connected to a plan to excavate the tunnels below.[1]

References Edit

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