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Janhelia is an invisible fire elemental companion to the Ruby Prince Khemet III, connected telepathically to him via his Ruby Circlet, which represents an ancient pact between Janhelia and the prince's distant ancestors.[1] The spirit passes silently through the halls of the Palace of the Forthbringer and perhaps even the streets of Sothis, causing unease in those who come before the prince with every warm gust.[1]. Janhelia came to the the Ruby Prince unbidden and unbound, and willingly entered his service.[2] Janhelia privately holds that her clan, the Illunimates of Sokar, remained outside the elemental conflicts of Osirion's storms for decades, and that she was personally once a servitor to one of the prince's ancestors during the Age of Destiny.[2] She serves the prince out of loyalty and favors to that long-dead ancestor.[2]


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