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Nation Sargava
Size Large city
Population 11,340
Demographics 11,200 humans (700 colonials, 10,500 Mwangi), 140 other
Government Overlord
Alignment Neutral
Ruler General Alban

Source: Sargava, The Lost Colony, pg(s). 15-16

Kalabuto (population 11,340) is the largest settlement in Sargava.[1] It is a crumbling city built by Mwangi tribesmen in the pre-colonial era, and today the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants are Mwangi, ruled over by a minority of Sargavan colonialists. It is the main target for the anti-colonial feeling of the Mwangi city of Mzali to the east, and it is surely only a matter of time before the internal and external Mwangi unite to expel the Sargavans from the city.[2]

There was a pathfinder lodge in the city, but it has recently been closed in the face of native unrest.[3]

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