Titles Village of Voices
Nation Ustalav
Region Sinaria
Size Small City
Population 10,240

The city of Karcau (pronounced KAHR-cow)[1] is the only major population center in the land of Sinaria in Ustalav. It is renowned as a shining light of civilisation in a region of dark, dreary wilderness. The city is most famous for the Karcau Opera and has a reputation as a place that both produces musical genius and fosters it, it is this reputation that has lead to Karcau's nickname of the Village of Voices. Karcau is nestled on the banks of Lake Prophyria and its waters cut their way through the city, criss-crossing it in various canals. These canals mirror the situation below the city as Karcau was built atop an underground lake and its foundations are shot through with underwater tunnels creating a mostly submerged labyrinth. [2]


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