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Pharaoh Kemusar I
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Osirion
Died -1757 AR

Formerly a wizardly apprentice to Pharaoh An-Hepsu XI, Kemusar I ruled as crown regent of Osirion from -1768 AR to -1757 AR following An-Hepsu XI's disappearance. The fall of An-Hepsu XI is said to have included Kemusar's cooperation, and he is one of the few who knew the location of the Incorruptible Pharaoh's prison-tomb. [1]

Kemusar I was strangled in his sleep, and his unfinished tomb disappeared from the necropolis at An. It is referred to as the Hungry Sepulcher.[1]

Kemusar's fate is little know, other than a repeating message sent via a nightmare to members of the royal court: "Till my betrayers and their heirs are dead, sand and soul are one. An-Hepsu XI must never be freed". [1]


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