Nation Darklands
Region Nar-Voth
Size Small town
Population 1,480
Demographics 57% derro, 39% morlock, 3% human, 1% other
Government Magical-derro savants
Alignment Chaotic evil
Ruler Kivkord

Because of their insanely chaotic nature, derro generally do not congregate in large numbers or have much to do with the other races of the Darklands. The one exception to this is the town of Krba, located in the realm of Nar-Voth not far from the drow city of Delvingulf. Built in the rubble of an abandoned dwarven city, ruined long ago in a forgotten earthquake, the derro prosper here, growing their crops of cytillesh. In what is even more unusual for members of their race, the inhabitants of Krba maintain trading relationships with other denizens of the Darklands, including the drow of Sekamina, and even the Chelish capital city of Egorian. A few of the decadent noble families of that city have contacts with the derro and use them to disappear unwanted individuals from time to time. Krba is ruled by the strangely tall savant Kivkord, a visionary mystic who dreams of transforming Krba into the first real city of his people.[1]


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