The Labyrinth of Shiman-Sekh was discovered beneath the topsoil of the Golden Oasis near Shiman-Sekh. The ruin consists of black glass obelisks and white marble plazas. The portal into the ruin was first sealed during the reign of the Song Pharaoh and resealed during the reign of the Pharaoh of No Rain more than a thousand years later. The Song Pharaoh's predecessor, the Pharaoh of Forgotten Plagues, is mentioned openly on the monument though the identity of the Seraph of Destuction mentioned there is unclear. A later inscription states that the hubris of the Lich Pharaoh led him to free the fiend Zelishkar of the Bitter Flame from his imprisonment in the labyrinth. Pharaoh An-Hepsu XI had sought to use the fiend against the Shory aeromancers.[1]


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