Lake Syrantula is a freshwater lake in southern Varisia.[1] It is an oblong body of water approximately 100 miles from east to west,[2] and one of the most trafficked waterways in Varisia, due to its position between the holdings of the cities of Magnimar and Korvosa.[2] The lake is fed by two major rivers, the Skull and the Yondabakari, the latter also flowing out of the lake on its way to the Varisian Gulf. It borders the Fenwall Mountains to the south and is touched on its northern banks by the Ashwood. The towns of Whistledown, Ilsurian, Biston and Melfesh all are built on its edge,[1] their inhabitants taking advantage of the many fish to be found in Lake Syrantula. Most village folk, however, remain near the northern banks of the lake, afraid of what may inhabit the waters near the strange ruins dotting its southern shore.[2]


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