Lower City (District of Katapesh)

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Lower City is the largest section of Katapesh. The Lower City contains the city's sprawling docks and the world's largest bazaar. Its bazaar consists of a collection of kiosks, tents, huts, carts, or simple rugs on open spaces of ground displaying the items.[1]

Notable places in Lower City:[2]

  • Aandrik the Chirurgeon
  • Ahkmed's Carpets
  • Aromas and Aphrodisiacs
  • Azure Star
  • Cindra's Exotic Pets
  • Council Hall and Gaol Block
  • The Doomsayers' Stand
  • Jangley's Shop
  • The Ramps
  • The Scorpion's Sting
  • The Slace Block
  • Temple of Nethys
  • House of Whips
  • Ivory Wands


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