Mother of Oblivion
Type Outsider
(aquatic, native)
CR 15
Environment any aquatic

Source: Pathfinder 3: The Hook Mountain Massacre, pg(s). 88-89

Vast monstrosities that lurk beneath the deepest darkest waters, mothers of oblivion are some of the most fearsome servants of Lamashtu. Though rare, these creatures are rightly feared by most sentient humanoids as they represent the antithesis of civilization.


Mothers of oblivion are huge creatures, the smallest of which reaching over thirty feet in height and most being even larger. In sheer mass they are normally the size of a small building. Mothers of oblivion resemble a horrid mixture of plesiosaur and squid. The body of the creature is a hideous squirming mass of sucking, eye-topped tentacles. Above this hideous body rises the creatures long neck atop which sits its reptilian head resembling a plesiosaur.[1]

Habitat & EcologyEdit

Mothers of oblivion live in the darkest depths of the deepest bodies of water across Golarion. Rarely seen by mortals, they often extend their reach into the world above through dark servants who command cults of Lamashtu. The word of a mother of oblivion is considered by some to be as good as the word of the goddess herself and few of her worshipers would dare disobey a mother of oblivion. The origins of the mothers of oblivion is debatable and some of Lamashtu's most heretical followers even whisper that the mothers of oblivion were Lamashtu's sisters who the Demon Queen stripped of their divinity and then bound as her servants. Despite their name, mothers of oblivion cannot reproduce and can create only argorths and even they are a pale reflection of their parent.[1][1]


Breath of Madness 
The foul breath of these monster can drive its opponents insane.
Energy Drain 
Mothers of oblivion actually feed off the life energy of those they bite visibly draining their life force.
Transdimensional Tentacles 
The mother of oblivion's tentacles allow them to see into other coterminous planes like the ethereal and shadow plane.[1]


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