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Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Human
Class Fighter 2 or 5
Gender Male
Homeland Absalom
Organization War Hounders

Source: The Silent Tide, pg(s). 12-13

Nessian was the leader of the Absalom-based gang the War Hounders.   While the War Hounders were mainly an upstart band of thieves and thugs, Nessian was a formidable warrior who sacrificed some of the training other fighters specialize in for a dirtier fighting style.[1] In 4708 AR, he orchestrated a plan to initiate the centuries-old Silent Tide, an attack by undead agents of Taldor's Black Echelon against the city, as a means to blackmail the citizenry and establish himself as a primary member of the Absalom underworld but his plans were foiled by the Pathfinder Society.[2]  Nessian could most often be found at the War Hounder's base of operations, a mass of ruined siege towers known as the Pyramid of the Dog.[1]


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