Night Scales
Leader Therhyn Raccas
Alignment Lawful evil
Headquarters Magnimar, Varisia
Scope Local (Magnimar)
Structure Thieves guild

Magnimar's oldest thieves guild, the Night Scales, has been around almost as long as the city itself. Members view themselves as somewhat of an institution and the rightful overlords of the city's underworld. The Night Scales, while large, are not overly violent. They tend to focus most of their efforts on crimes like petty theft, extortion and smuggling and while they are by no means safe, they generally do not cause too much havoc. The Night Scales tend to focus their efforts on the shore-side districts especially the industrial Beacon's Point and the slum that is Rag's End. This focus generally keeps them from conflicting too much with either the burglars of The Gargoyles or the various Sczarni gangs of Magnimar like the Gallowed. The Night Scales are lead by a one-armed half-elf scoundrel called Therhyn Raccas.[1]


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