Nation Katapesh
Population 6,500
Ruler Morio Midasi

Source: Dark Markets: A Guide to Katapesh, pg(s). 12

The harbor city of Okeno, located on an island off the eastern shore of Katapesh, is the third-largest city in Katapesh. It boasts 6,500 permanent citizens and up to 1,000 slavers, buyers and travelers -along with their human merchandise- at any given time.[1]

Okeno boasts the most profitable slave markets, known as the Fleshfairs. The slaves are carried by the well-known Okeno's yellow-sailed slave galleys.[2][3]

Okeno's ruler, Morio Midasi enforces the few laws with ruthless consistancy.[4]


Cities of Katapesh


Minor Settlements

Bronze HookBug HarborCommonfieldEl-FatarFinderplainFort LongjawKelmaraneSueda LodgeThricehillTiven's ReedYavipho

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