The Palace of the Child-goddess is a flat-topped pyramid in the Ankar-Te ring district of Kaer Maga. It is the home of the child-goddesses, beings worshiped as living deities within the city. Its single, massive door is the only way in and out. From there, windowless, metal palanquins allegedly bearing the child-goddesses are carried through the streets multiple times a day, where the faithful believe their presence wards them from evil and danger. Whether the child-goddesses are actually carried within is not known definitively, as the metal palanquins have no windows, and the cult does not talk to outsiders. The Palace is overseen by the High Priestess Shamalay Kasan, the only of the Child-goddesses' clergy who regularly interacts with the city's general populace.[1]

See also: Cult of the Child-goddess


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