In conversations with Paizo editorial staff and contributing freelancers, both online and in person, it was repeatedly indicated that the usefulness of the wiki relied upon it being more comprehensive than the available sourcebooks. Since Golariopedia can not create new content to add to Paizo's output, we must work to create a hyperlinked repository of all sources so that new users need only go to this single resource instead of multiple published books. And to do that, we need a baseline from which to build. That baseline is the Campaign Setting hardcover. As long as the CS remains the most comprehensive resource on Golarion, the wiki will never have the audience (and thus the contributing membership) that I think we all want.

For this reason, we have undertaken the largest project in the history of the wiki: incorporate all information from the Campaign Setting into the wiki as systematically as possible, building on this foundation with additional sourcebooks, adventures, etc after this is done. To facilitate this and ensure that we don't skip sections, below is a listing of all sections in the book. Please unbold any section you have completed, leaving a signature on the same line when done. Use the talk page to ask any questions or comment on the process.

Campaign Setting contentsEdit

Below are the main headings within the Campaign Setting which we should focus on. Some have been left out because they do not fall within the Scope of the project (such as domains, random encounter tables and feats). When committing to a specific topic, please place the {{CSII}} template at the top of the root page on the subject to indicate that it is being worked on and by whom. Subarticles do not need this template but can include the {{WIP}} template, should you feel the need. Thus [[Absalom]] would have the CSII template, but neither [[Absalom/Districts]] nor [[Grand Council]] would even though both articles will be updated as part of the inclusion of the Absalom chapter of the CS.

See also: Category:CSII

Chapter 1: CharactersEdit

Chapter 2: The Inner SeaEdit

Chapter 3: ReligionEdit

Other GodsEdit

Chapter 4: OrganizationsEdit

Chapter 5: The WorldEdit

Appendix BEdit

Appendix CEdit

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