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Elves and half-elves are common among the temple prostitutes of the Pleasure Salon of Calistria in the Ascendant Court district of Absalom. [1] Elves are otherwise relatively uncommon in Absalom, mostly consisting of adventurers or outcasts; more common are their half-elven descendants.[1] The temple prostitutes are clean and well-educated, and offer their services on a sliding scale; they can develop a high social status in the city.[1]

The edifice is constructed in the colonaded style of a classical Azlanti temple to match the architecture of Absalom rather than elven cities. Its exterior is covered with bas-relief sculptures of hedonistic humanoids, and it is rumored that the interior contains blasphemous sculptures of Calistria herself engaging in salacious activities with other deities.[1] Although Calistria's priests play a significant role in the operations of the temple, the salon is managed by the ranking sacred prostitute, Dyrianna of House Avenstar.[1]

Additionally, the temple supplies a unique wasp honey used by the city's mead brewers, as well as a public baths that has become a meeting-place for distrustful factions due to the requirement for nudity.[1]


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