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The Quest for Sky is the ancient dwarven migration to the surface of Golarion from their original homes in the Darklands realm of Nar-Voth. Their god Torag had given them a prophecy, that following a great earthquake they should leave their homes and head up. They took the massive tremors caused by the fall of the Starstone as this sign, and began their journey towards the surface.[1] It lasted just over 150 years, beginning around -5133 AR and ending in approximately -4987 AR.[2] In this quest the dwarves inadvertently drove many of their ancient enemies, including the orcs, ahead of them. Upon the completion of the Quest for Sky, the dwarves established Sky Citadels, massive city-fortresses, where they had reached the surface[3], and many of those edifices contain murals and engravings detailing the events of the Quest for Sky.[citation needed]


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