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RPG Superstar returned in 2009 with a similar competition to the previous year. The contest, designed to find new RPG design talent from a pool of hundreds of prospective candidates, was judged by Wolfgang Baur, Clark Peterson, and Sean K Reynolds with guest judges including Monte Cook, Ed Greenwood, James Jacobs, and the top four contestants from the previous year.[1] Based on judge reviews and public discussion, public voters selected the Top 16, 8, 4, and winner out of the Top 32 entrants to submit a wondrous item for consideration in round 1.

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Results Edit


Realm of the Fellnight Queen

Cover of the winning adventure, Neil Spicer's Realm of the Fellnight Queen

Neil Spicer was declared RPG Superstar on March 24, 2009. His proposed adventure, Realm of the Fellnight Queen is scheduled for release in February 2010.[2]

Top 4Edit

The Top 4 contestants were announced on March 3, 2009. Each entrant submitted an adventure proposal for public voting to determine the winner of the contest.[3]

Eric Bailey Kevin Carter Matthew Stinson

Top 8Edit

The Top 8 contestants were announced on February 17, 2009. Each contestant submitted a villain's lair with map for another Top 16 contestant.

Joshua Blazej James F.D. Graham
Randy Dorman Trevor Gulliver

Top 16Edit

Due to a tie, there were actually seventeen contestants in the The Top 16 this year, chosen by the voting public from the Top 32 villain concept entries. The Top 16, announced on February 3, 2009, each submitted a statblock for their concept from the previous round.[4]

Matt Banach Vladislav Rashkovski
Joao Beraldo Philip Snyder
Carl Klutzke Doyle Tavener
Jacob Manley Mark Thomas
Eric Morton

Top 32Edit

Of the hundreds of contestants who submitted wondrous items for round 1 of the contest, the following contestants were selected as the Top 32 entrants. Announced on January 20, 2009, each of these contestants submitted a villain concept for public voting to determine the Top 16.[5]

Gerald Andrews Elizabeth Leib
Carl Flaherty Matthew Morris
Kurald Galain Jeffrey Scott Nuttall
Craig Johnston Stefan Schulz
Andrew Judd Mike Speck
Lucas Jung Victor Spieles
Casey Smith Paul Worthen
Wesley Lee

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References Edit

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