Righteous Fury
Propulsion Sails
Fate Unknown. Last seen with sails ablaze off the coast of Andoren near Wittleshine
Captain(s) Rear-admiral Gusarre the Bleak ?-4708 AR

Source: The Hydra's Fang Incident, pg(s). 3

The Righteous Fury was a Chelish naval vessel under the command of rear-admiral Gusarre the Bleak. In 4708 AR, it and another Chelish ship ambushed the pirate vessel Hydra's Fang off the Andoren coast near the fishing village of Wittleshine. During a ramming maneuver on the Hydra's Fang, the Righteous Fury's commander was killed and her sails were set ablaze in the ensuing chaos. The crew of the damaged vessel were aided by the allied vessel while their quarry escaped.[1]


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