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Conte Ristomaur Tiriac
Race/Species Human vampire
Gender Male
Homeland Ustalav

To most of the people of Varno Conte Ristomaur Tiriac is just the latest in a long line of absentee, lackluster rulers. What few know is that Ristomaur harbours a surprising secret. Ristomaur is not the latest in a long line of rulers but is in fact the entire line, having ruled Varno in a variety of different guises for the past two centuries. Ristomaur Tiriac is in fact a vampire driven by a lifelong obsession to rid himslef of his vampirism.[1] He has travelled far and wide searching for a cure and maintains an odd cadre of assistants who help him in this quest including Ramoska Arkminos, a nosferatu so ancient he cannot remember what it was like to be alive.[2] This endless travelling away from his estate, Korsinoria Palace near the town of Corvischoir, is not only essential to Ristomaur's continuing work on a vampiric cure, it allows him to stay distant from his subjects, preventing them from realising his unnatural condition.[1]


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