Saoc Brethren
Leader Unknown
Goals Restoration of Lirgen
Scope Local (Sodden Lands)

The Saoc Brethren are an organisation of astrological philosophers. They ruled the land of Lirgen (in western Garund, where the northern half of the Sodden Lands are today). They were dependent on prophesy. The death of Aroden in 4606 AR ushered in the Age of Lost Omens, and proved a double blow for the brethren. Their powers of prophesy failed, and as a result they were totally unprepared for the appearance of the Eye of Abendego just off the coast of Lirgen. The Eye destroyed Lirgen, and its surviving people scattered.

The organisation survived, however, and its members sometimes return to the Sodden Lands to search for a means of extinguishing the Eye and restoring their lost homeland. Conditions there make this far from easy, and experience frequently shatters the minds of those who manage to survive the physical dangers.

In 4615 AR the entire leadership of the Brethren committed suicide. Some say that whatever answers they found in the Sodden Lands proved too hard for them to bear.[1]

References Edit

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