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PFS# Title Tier Location Country
2-01 Bloodcove DisguiseThe Bloodcove Disguise 1-7 Bloodcove Mwangi Expanse
2-02 Rescue at Azlant Ridge 1-7 Azlant Ridge Mwangi Expanse
2-03 Rebel's RansomThe Rebel's Ransom 5-9 Parched Dunes Osirion
2-04 Shadows Fall on Absalom 7-11 Absalom
2-05 Red Revolution 12 Akiton
2-06 First HeresyThe First Heresy 5-9 Rahadoum
2-07 Where the Dark Things Sleep 5-9 Rahadoum
2-08 Sarkorian ProphecyThe Sarkorian Prophecy 7-11 Worldwound
2-09 Beneath Forgotten Sands 5-9 Rahadoum
2-10 Fury of the Fiend 7-11 Rachikan Cheliax
2-11 Penumbra AccordsThe Penumbral Accords 1-5 Blakros Museum Absalom
2-12 Below the Silver Tarn 7-11 Nidal
2-13 Murder on the Throaty Mermaid 1-5 Magnimar (Briefly) None (Arcadian Ocean)
2-14 Chasm of ScreamsThe Chasm of Screams 7-11
2-15 Written in Blood 1-5 Trollheim Lands of the Linnorm Kings
2-16 Flesh CollectorThe Flesh Collector 7-11
2-17 Flesh CollectorExiles of Winter 1-5 Whitethrone Irrisen


The Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor
Shades of Ice Pt3 - Keep of the Huskarl King
1-5 Realm of the Mammoth Lords
Wrath of the Accursed
7-11 Sothis Osirion
2-21 The Dalsine Affair 1-7 Oppara Taldor
2-22 Eyes of the Ten Pt4 - Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained 12
2-23 Shadows Last Stand : At Shadows Door 1-7 Almas Andoran
2-24 Shadows last Stand : Web of Corruption 1-7 Almas Andoran
2-25 You Only Die Twice 5-9 Geb
2-26 The Mantis Prey 7-11
The Midnight Mauler
1-7 Feb 1 2012 Ustalav

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