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Nation Osirion
Population 6,680

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 119

Unlike the other great cities of Osirion, Shiman-Sekh owes its water supply to the Golden Oasis, which is the largest freshwater spring in the deserts of northern Garund. It seems that a massive underground river runs under the Golden Oasis. The city boundaries encompass a series of shallow lakes in the shape of lotus petals stretched out over several square miles. Each lake serves as home to thousands of waterfowl and a small population of hetkoshu. Valuable farmlands around the city dwarf the urban area of Shiman-Sekh itself. The precise history of the city is unclear but legend holds that the city was constructed by the Song Pharaoh in -3047 AR making it one of the oldest cities of Osirion. The modern city is built upon the foundations of earlier structures, and those upon even older ones.[1]

The Labyrinth of Shiman-Sekh was recently discovered beneath the topsoil of the Golden Oasis. [2]


Cities of Osirion

AnEtoIpeqShiman-SekhSothisTar KuataTotraWati

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