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This edifice, known as the Shrine of the Failed, is a hall of monuments in Absalom's Ascendant Court to those who have failed the Test of the Starstone.[1] It consists of a series of stone rooms holding shrines that are as elaborate as the caretakers can manage, but are usually no more than a few personal items of the deceased.[1] It was founded centuries ago, and routinely expanded since by the families of the fallen and other residents of Absalom.[1] The shrine's caretakers wear black mourning robes, but claim no divine calling, holy texts, or philosophy.[1] Most visitors view it as a novelty and leave quickly, but there are occasionally devout worshippers who believe that one of the failed is a god who is merely quiescent.[1]

There are many failed memorialized at the shrine. The most notable include Demuren, god of sacrifice; Gobru, god of fish and the bountiful sea; Mellag, god of rot; Oggo, god of the sixteen poses; Plokkis, god of spoiled food and wastefulness; Silmor, god of blades; Spuchasta, goddess of hallucinatory incense and herbs; the Muted God of silence and serenity; Yepyari, goddess of clouds and tornadoes; and Zimpar, god of the screaming fear.[1]


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