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The terrible monsters known as the Spawn of Rovagug are Rovagug's most feared children.

Unnamed Spawn Edit

(-3923 AR) An unnamed creature terrorizes the Vudran realm of Ninshabur. Some believe that it was in fact Ulunat.[1]

Ulunat Edit

Full article: Ulunat
(ca. -3470 AR)A colossal beetle, around whose shed carapace the Osiran capital of Sothis has grown up.[2]

Tarrasque Edit

Full article: Tarrasque
(-632 AR) - Also known as The Armageddon Engine. The most terrible of the Spawn of Rovagug. Currently sealed away in a hidden cavern beneath Avistan.[3]

Volnagur Edit

Full article: Volnagur
(??? AR) - A winged beast.[4]

Xotani Edit

Full article: Xotani
Also referred to as The Firebleeder.[5] Its grave lies in the Garundi kingdom of Katapesh.

Chemnosit Edit

Full article: Chemnosit
(??? AR) - Also known as The Monarch Worm. Feared throughout the Darklands; possibly still active.[6]

Slohr Edit

Full article: Slohr
(3537 AR) - It is unknown if this terrible beast, known primarily for trampling the Arthfell Forest, is truly a Spawn of Rovagug.[7].

References Edit

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